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Sensory Pod - Rumble in the Jungle

Sensory Pod - Rumble in the Jungle

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Home to some of the most lively wildlife in the sensory pod range. Glorious vibrant colours set the scene for a tropical creature playground. The luscious jungle environment creates an immersive setting for monkeying around.

With the PODS Play app, explorers can lose themselves to the tune of monkey chatter, bird of paradise song and the rainforest ensemble. Jungle trekkers can listen and read along to the excitement of our thrill seekers as they venture into the vast green undergrowth.

Sensory pods are the quickest and most innovative sensory space on planet earth. Let your little adventurer's imagination run wild in immersive themed imaginative play.

  • Inflates in 30 seconds
  • Interchangeable graphics
  • Includes removable foam mat and portable wireless speaker
  • Remote controlled sensory lighting
  • Removable door with safety window
  • Packs away in 90 seconds into a handy backpack, also included
  • British designed
  • 1.25m diameter (approx 4ft)
  • 7kg packed weight, including fan
  • Includes Rumble in the Jungle digital pack, consisting of an audiobook, ebook and sound effects to take sensory pods into another dimension. This is accessed via the PODS Play app.
  • The sensory pod is a suitable size to fit 1 child
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